Innovation, Skill, Impertinence


In less than a decade, Fred Pinel, the self-taught craftsman has created one of the youngest luxury house, Pinel & Pinel. Out of the ordinary and unique in his field, this trunk maker and leather goods craftsman reinterprets the codes of luxury “à la française” with impertinence.


Not much has changed since the creation of his first project, a studded, cloth suitcase. The desire to create individual, precise products still remains. Following that, work with the most beautiful of exotic skins allowed Pinel to confirm his talent with the use of original colours. The collections at Pinel & Pinel are exclusive as well as ultra contemporary. By respecting the age old traditions laid down by the craftsmen of the trade, Pinel & Pinel gives life to trunks and accessories that are an inspired mix of high-tech and materialistic luxury; crocodile skin, stingray or full grain leather together with carbon or titanium.


For each and every Pinel & Pinel creation, the label “Made in France” or even “Made in Paris” is truly fitting as all the creations are brought to life, by hand, in the workshop in Paris.


Whether for a piece from the trunk collection, luggage or accessories, or for one of the bespoke pieces designed for private clients or prestigious brands, Pinel & Pinel reinvents the code for trunks. By opening a new field of expression, a playful nature that can be intelligent or deliciously futile, the French house creates items that can be integrated completely into modern life. They are objects for living, but they are still objects to be nevertheless desired ... As Fred Pinel says, Pinel & Pinel creates “bespoke and exaggerated trunks that are a feast for the eyes”.




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It is in this extraordinary location that raw fabrics are being metamorphosed into exceptional materials. The work is meticulous and unbelievably precise. At Pinel & Pinel, high-tech meets French haute couture. And the culture of perfectionism that is the soul of this young “house” is now made real in a unique creative lab, which is hidden from the normal world inside a bamboo forest. The factory building consists of three glass levels with wooden beams spread around a patio and alleyways reminiscent of shipping lanes.


At the heart of all this monumental theatre, the “machinery” is breath-taking. Here the raw materials are cut “on demand”, just as a stonecutter labours to reveal the beauty of a precious stone. There is no room for error in any of the meticulous and highly complex production stages.


Here, a leather which looks like paper crumples, scrunches and then returns to its original shape. While a raw jean fabric from Japan that will be part of the 2016 collections, is specially treated until it has a faded look so the denim reveals shimmering effects in beige, orange and blue that bring out a sense of playfulness to match the weathered leather. Then there’s crocodile leather, used in daring ways, for example, the inner part of the skin used on bag exteriors.





Out of the ordinary and unique in its field, Pinel & Pinel is a French Luxury Maison producing contemporary trunks and high-end leather goods.

The brand reinterprets the codes of luxury “à la Française” with impertinence, and gives life to trunks and accessories that are our inspired mix of high-tech, design, colors and finest materials.









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