It incorporates one of the best automatic humidifier on the market, adjusting the humidity of the trunk in order to the give your cigars the best taste and texture.

The insulating glass door allows a better view of the drawers, whose capacity varies from 800 to 1000 cigars, in addition to other 400 to 600 pieces that can be stored in the cabinet.


The interiors are made of cedar wood, while the exteriors are dressed in calfskin. We provide a large choice of color, upon request.


All this attention for details requires several hundred hours of work.


The ultimate cigar trunk is a tribute to the expertise of the Cigar Houses.


40 000 €

Handmade in our Parisian workshop. Dimensions (open trunk) :

H.185 cm - L144 cm – D37 cm




For our client Park Hyatt in Paris, the lateral doors were customized in order to display their finest spirits bottles, and a pull-down table permits to prepare the cigars on the spot. Specific massive brass palladium-plated jewelry was also created.